DUNLOP TIRE - TRAILMAX - FRONT - 90/90 - 21 [54H/TL]


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90/90-21 - 637353

The Trailmax is another Dunlop Original and can be found on a wide variety of large-capacity Japanese and European off-road motorcycles. Most of these models carry the Trailmax as Original Equipment (OE) when they leave the factory. The reason for this OE success is simple; the Trailmax more than reflects the requirements of the majority of on/off riders with a slight bias towards on-road riding capabilities but gives a solid performance in moderate off-road conditions as well. 


  • The Trailmax uses a durable nylon-ply construction for total riding confidence on any surface. 
  • With its large contact patch, directional semi-lug, and multiple-edge it doesn't shy away from the rockiest terrain.
  • Aggressive, high contact, directional semi-lug tread pattern
  • Multiple edges are well-suited for off-road use and even find grip on difficult rocky terrain
  • Relatively high land/sea ratio and rugged compound give good on-road grip and long tread life
  • An extensive fitment list covers a variety of 19 and 21 front, and 17 and 18 rear tyre sizes.

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