Dynavolt GHD30HL-BS Nano-Gel Battery


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  • Model: GHD30HL-BS
  • Cranking Amps: 520 CCA
  • Capacity: 30Ah
  • Dimensions (mm) – L 166 x W 130 x H 175
  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Terminal configuration – Negative [Black] LH front polarity
  • Terminal type – T 20 for H.D. LEAD construction.

GEL Battery, Factory Sealed and Activated.  

No messing around with battery acid – just fit and go!

Dynavolts AGM Nano-Gel Technology delivers you a stronger battery with zero maintenance. Unlike a traditional Lead-Acid battery, the sealed construction of a Dynavolt AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and Nano-Gel batteries means there is no venting of gasses, or remembering to top up with fluids that could spill out! As Dynavolt AGM and GEL batteries are completely sealed they can also be mounted on their side or within a confined space, giving you more flexibility on your custom install.  Charged and activated from the factory you can be confident to simply fit the battery and go!

Upgrade OR replacement for CIX30L-BS & CB30L-BS HARLEY D


  • MOUNTING: You can mount our battery in any orientation, there are no liquids to spill or drain out.
  • DEPTH OF DISCHARGE: Dynavolt Gel batteries can be discharged to 80% compared to Lead Acid making them harder to accidentally damage.
  • DURABILITY: Our GEL batteries are shock and vibration resistant making them perfect for Racing, and other applications requiring a durable battery.
  • CHARGING TIME: Low internal resistance means charging up an AGM battery can take up to 5X less than a Lead Acid Battery.
  • POWER OUTPUT: Internal resistance as low as 2% compared to a lead acid 10-15% means more voltage output and a better start every time. A lower resistance also means that the battery produces less heat when under load.
  • TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE: The Gel battery technology delivers more CCA at lower temperatures. Additionally, there is less chance of damage in hot conditions at the gel will not evaporate like acid in a normal battery or freeze during a cold snap.
  • LIFESPAN: Due to a low self-discharge (meaning if left on a shelf the amount of power lost) Gel and AGM batteries will hold their charge longer and a well maintained one will last up to 5+ years.


  • To extend the life of any battery GEL and AGM included it is best to charge when left connected to an idle vehicle for periods of more than 2-3 weeks. This is due to the parasitic draw most vehicles have with either an ECU, Clock or Alarm etc.
  • Important: AGM and Gel batteries require a specific charger. Check out our range of smart chargers for your new AGM GEL battery.