Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser Spray - 500ML


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Highly effective cleaning agent for all drive chains; effectively removes highly adhesive residues. An excellent basis for optimal chain maintenance. Tested and found suitable for use in X-ring and O-ring chains.

  • Highly effective cleaning
  • Reduces chain wear
  • Easy application
  • Tested and found suitable for use in X-ring, O-ring and Z-ring chains.


Extremely effective cleaner for all drive chains. Effectively removes encrusted residues. Excellent basis for optimal chain care. X-ring and O-ring tested



Spray chain well and leave for a moment. Wipe off with cloths and allow to dry. Then spray with CHAIN LUBE spray. Shake before use.


Spray chain thoroughly. Allow to soak in briefly. Wipe off with a cloth. Allow drying. Then spray with spray CHAIN LUBE. Regular use of MOTOREX chain care products will extend the life of all chain kits.