Motorex FETT 3000 - 400g


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High-performance lithium complex grease based on high-quality mineral oil. Suitable for challenging lubrication points. Specially designed for use in heavily loaded roller bearings. However, this high-pressure grease can also be used in smaller, fast-turning ball bearings and needle bearings.

  • Excellent high-pressure properties
  • Highly aging-resistant
  • Stable against oxidation
  • Broad temperature range
  • Exceptionally good corrosion protection


GREASE 3000 (FETT 3000) is a high-performance, lithium-complex, multi-purpose grease based on a fully re%ned mineral oil. Thanks to the interesting use of high-performance components, it is ideally suited to all demanding lubrication points. Outstanding corrosion protection prevents rust damage to ball bearings and other sensitive bearing points.



Excellent results have been achieved on wheel bearings in low-floor trailers for heavy loads.

Field of application

GREASE 3000 (FETT 3000) is ideal for all lubrication points in the vehicle and industrial sectors. Specially designed for use in large, heavily loaded roller bearings in industrial and construction machinery, but also for small, fast-turning ball bearings and needle bearings in all applications.