Motorace Track Day - Registration Form

What is Motorace Trackday

Motorace Track Day is the biggest Motorcycle event in Cyprus. It takes place once a month at Achna Speedway. We organise the event to have fun, to learn, and to be safe on a track environment.

Motorace Track days are focused on the average motorcyclist and for all kinds of bikes (street, adventure, cruise etc). The purpose of the Track day is to give the opportunity to improve our riding skills, to experience the race track and to learn our bike.

To help all riders enjoy the day we have split the event participants in 4 groups based on their level of experience. The groups are: Blue, Green, Yellow and Red.

During the registration you will be given a sticker with the color of your team. The program of the day will be shared during the event at Achna Speedway to let you know the times that you will be able to enter the track.

The circuit opens at 9.00am with 20-minute sessions for each group every hour.


7.30: Opening

8.00-9.00: Registration

9:00-15.00: Circuit opens 

Please note that the track day schedule can be changed according to the number of participants

Cost: €80  for full day

To reserve your spot please fill out the form below.

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To ensure a safe and enjoyable day, please take your time to run through the essentials below and understand the safety regulations of the track.

Terms & Conditions

There are those who consider track days as strolls in the track. This is definitely not the case as track days are a serious issue with unpleasant results in case riders and organizers are not careful and follow the correct procedures. Respect towards the track regulations and discipline are the essential ingredients for a safe track day, all must know and understand the safety regulations of the track.

Our goal is to create a community amongst the Cypriot riders and also a sense of conscious towards the track rules, as it happens in greater tracks all over the world.

-The track has only one entrance and one exit. The riders MUST use the labelled entrances and exits.

-The track is one way. No-one is allowed to ride the opposite way.

-You are not allowed to deliberately immobilize the bike in the track.

-During the sessions wheelies, endos and other shows of riding skills are not allowed.

-In case of an accident NEVER stop in the track. We ride in low speed our bike towards the pits where we report the incident.

-We do not nod to other riders or form groups inside the track.

-Before we enter the track we make sure we are well aware of the meaning of the flags, so that when the marshals wave them at us we know how we must react.

-Inside the track no co-rider is allowed on the bike.

-Before the sessions all participants have to attend the rider’s briefing.

-We make sure our bike is in a good condition.

-During the first two laps of the session no overtakes are allowed, in case of an overtake the rider should be very cautious until the tires achieve the correct temperature and condition.

-In case of an overtake the responsibility lies on the rider making the overtake. The rider who is in front is only responsible not to change his riding line or direction once he is aware that he is being overtaken.

-In case a faster rider approaches us, we NEVER try to help him pass, by changing our riding line or direction. He is responsible for the overtake and it is safer for both riders if we keep our riding line.

-Once you decide to exit the track, because the session is over or because  you want to return to the pits you must raise your hand and slow down so to worn the other riders who follow on our intention to exit the track.

 -In a track day (and not a race) we must not ride too close to the rear tire of the front rider. We do not know who he is, if he is experienced, if his bike is in a good condition or how he will react in case of panic. Any mistake or bike malfunction will cause us problems.  We have often seen falls this way and since the rider in the back is the one with the responsibility, then we may be the cause of the fall.

The flags

Inside the track the communication between rider and marshals or pits is not easy, a communication system with flags has been created and all riders must be aware with it. These flags have the same meaning in all tracks of the world whether it concerns a track day, a race for motorcycles, cars, karts or any other motorsport.

Meaning of the flags:

Green Flag

This flag is the one indicating that the riders exit the pits into the track and start the session. Also this flag can be used to indicate after an issue (with a yellow flag) the track day can continue.

Blue Flag

A faster rider approaches. This is the flag showing that a faster rider is approaching. The slower rider does not change his riding line or his speed and just lets the faster rider to pass. In many cases the slower rider indicates with his foot or hand to the faster one the line to pass him.

Yellow stable Flag

Attention, an incident happened in the track (probably a fall) and we need to be careful. When the yellow stable flag appears we are allowed to pass another rider.

Yellow moving Flag

 Danger! You are approaching an area in the track with an incident. You are not allowed to overtake. Move with caution.

Yellow Flag with red stripes

Slippery track. Maybe it started raining or due to an incident the track is slippery.

Red Flag

Interruption of the session or race. We slow down, complete the lap and enter the pits.

Black folded Flag

This is a warning for careless riding. If the rider continues then the Black flag will be shown to him.

Black Flag

Immediate disqualification – exit the track. The marshal waves the black flag to the rider to exit the track immediately. This could happen due to careless riding or due to a mechanical failure of the motorcycle. The rider must slow down, move carefully, leaving the riding lines open and exit the track towards the pits.

Checkered Flag

End of the session. Riders must slow down and return to the pits.

Useful Advice

-Have a good sleep the previous night. In the track you will need all your strength.

-Make sure you eat well and had lots of fluids on the day before and also in the morning before the track day.

-Check your gear well one day before.

-Check yourself that your motorcycle is in a good condition. You will be riding it and not your mechanic.

-Your tires must be in excellent condition.

-Start slowly and then gradually increase your tempo.

-For any questions or clarifications come to us for help or refer to the more experienced riders. We all needed advice when we started riding in the track.

-Strain your muscles in the morning.

-During a session if you lose your focus or feel dizzy you are probably dehydrated. Slow down and move cautiously towards the pits. You are already exhausted so it would be dangerous to continue the session.

-If you do not feel well for any reason, do not enter the track.

-During the breaks sit in the shade, drink a lot of fluids and rest.

-Cover the lights of your motorcycle with tape and make sure you remove the lamps so that nothing is destroyed.

-Cover the speedometer with tape as you do not need it during the sessions. It will probably only destruct you. The same stands for the mirrors.

-When you are riding in the pits you only use the 1st gear and do not move over 20km/h (minimum speed is mandatory in the tracks all over the world)