MITAS JS-87 Tube-3.50/4.00-8


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3.50/4.00-8 TUBE [STD]
MITAS TR6 comes in not only in the correct size but with a long lasting, heavy duty construction. Tubes are a crucial part of the tube-type wheel assembly. When fitting a new tire on a rim requiring a tube, a new tube should be fitted at the same time. Old tubes become stretched and if an old tube is fitted within a new tire, it can crease and fail due to thinning of the tube rubber. Tubes should be repaired only by an expert. Secure tube valve assembly to rim with care. Inspect rim band and consult motorcycle dealer for correct rim band replacement. Always check the size markings on the tube to ensure that the tire size appears on the tube. Do not fit tubes in radial motorcycle tires, nor fit radials on rims requiring tubes, unless the tubes bear matching size and radial (R) markings.