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Protect the tank of your motorcycle with the MOTOGRAFIX T resigned Cover tank.

MOTOGRAFIX TK006B-Tank Protector

These Motorcycle Tank Protectors are manufactured from the highest quality vinyl.  Thermally printed and coated with a 3D gel layer which has excellent properties.


UV STABLE:  The product will not fade even after repeated exposure to bright sunlight.

DESIGN PERFECTION:  The resin coating is completely transparent.  Therefore highlighting the color matched design.

ULTIMATE PROTECTION:  The coating repairs itself when scratched.  Therefore always having that new look.

DURABLE ADHESION:  The coating tapers at the edges, forming an excellent seal against lifting of the pad during cleaning.

Competitors have tried duplicating the quality and design of these products.  No one has even close.

Fit to

Kawasaki motorcycles: ZXR zx-r Series ( zx6 zx7 zx9 zx10 zx12 zx14 etc. )

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