Thermal Technology - Race - Tire Warmer

Thermal Technology

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  • Front Tyre Warmer Heating Section Width XXL / XL / L - 190mm
  • Rear Tyre Warmer Heating Section Width XXL - 300mm; XL / L - 290mm
  • Side Wall Width: 40/70mm*
  • Temperature: 50 / 90 /110 °C , 122 / 194 230° F
  • Outer Fabric: Coated Fabric
  • Inside Fabric: Nomex
  • Insulation: Single 6mm reflective layer insulation
  • Electric Section: Transversal and longitudinal electric layout
  • Fastening: Velcro Fabric Fastening Tie with TT Logo
  • Elastic Stretcher: Neoprene stretcher on side wall and heating section
  • Power Supply: 230V
  • Power Consumption: Front 370W, Rear 560W
  • Resistors: Carbon Fiber
  • Temperature Control: Electronic control unit
  • Power cable: 1800 mm (5,9 feet) bipolar
  • Washable: Yes
  • Repairable: Yes
  • Limited Warranty: 3 Years
  • Production and components: Italian R&D , made in Italy Fabrics, Electronic components produced in the U.S., Assembly in Romania

In motorsport tyre warmers are essential. Even in track days the first 3 laps can be very dangerous without hot tires for amateur riders. It is recommended to use tyre warmers before every round.  

Main Features

  • 3 STEPS Adjustable Temperature 50 / 90 /110 °C , 122 / 194 230° F - Easy to Adjust with the 3 keys board.
  • Electric Layout: the RACE heating track is linear along the tyre warmer center (longitudinal layout) and wave on each side (transversal layout) , therefore the more you hit the shoulder the more the rim will be heated also, reaching an uniform temperature all over the tire.
  • The Carbon Fiber heating technology layout is the same for all the production, from the less expensive Premium to the Motogp, the inner element is always made from carbon fiber. A warm rim will not let temperature drop off while you enter the track.