ZOVII Chain lock with burglar alarm: ZOVII - ZCL10 - 120db


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  • 10 mm carbide-reinforced steel locking pins
  • The chain is made of stainless steel lined with nylon, extremely flexible
  • Built-in 120 dB burglar alarm
  • Weatherproof, perfect for rainy conditions
  • Locking mechanism: Keys
  • Size: 1200 mm long chain makes it easy to lock 
  • Color: Black with yellow details
  • Battery type: CR2 Lithium battery

Extremely strong chain lock from Zovii with 10 mm carbide-reinforced steel locking pins and a  whole 1.2 meter long chain of stainless steel! The combination of the long length and the flexible nylon coating makes it very easy to guide the lock through the frame and lock it in fences, etc. It also gives you great freedom of action considering what you can lock your means of transport to! 

The lock is weatherproof and lined with nylon so as not to scratch your electric scooter. The chain lock has a built-in  burglar alarm of as much as 120 dB (this is HIGH!) . This is a perfect lock for you who have to put the means of transport away from you in places where the risk of theft is high!