Alpinestars Announces The Next Generation Of Its Tech-Air Systems At CES

Alpinestars is showcasing over 55 years of technology innovation and product development in motorcycling and motorsports protection with the launch of the all-new Tech-Air® 10, Tech-Air® 3, and Tech-Air® OFF-ROAD V2 autonomous Airbag Systems.

Derived from Alpinestars’ participation in MotoGP, Tech-Air® 10 is a slim, self-contained wearable Airbag System that offers unrivaled body protection to racers, track day riders, and road riders by covering the rider’s shoulders, chest, full back, and hips. Tech-Air® 10 can be worn under any Alpinestars Tech-Air® Ready suit, or any third-party leather suit with 4 cm of space around the circumference of the rider’s chest and 2 cm around the circumference of the rider’s hips to accommodate the inflation of the airbag, in the event of a crash.

Tech-Air® 3 is Alpinestars’ ‘over’ the jacket Airbag System designed for commuters and road riding. With its practical design, the Tech-Air® 3 Airbag System can be worn in all weather conditions, and its lightweight construction and packable design mean that it can be quickly and easily folded up and stowed in a backpack or under a scooter’s seat when not in use. The Tech-Air® 3 Airbag System is available in men’s and women’s Stella versions with an ergonomically designed, dedicated fit.

The Tech-Air® OFF-ROAD V2 Airbag System offers the highest level of protection for off-road riding, developed and used in the most grueling conditions of the last 3 Dakar races, it will be made available for purchase later in 2022.

The 3 new airbag systems are the latest additions to the Alpinestars’ Tech-Air® family, which also includes Tech Air 5.

With this complete selection of advanced airbag technology, Alpinestars is enabling riders of all disciplines to benefit from a standalone, wearable garment featuring all of the protection that Tech-Air® delivers, regardless of the bike they ride, or the style of riding they do.